Pagan Poetry – Woodland Maiden


“In the Spring Kissed Woodland
Dances bare a Maid
Young and pure and lovely
Strong and unafraid
She speaks of Birth and Promise
Of all the things that grow
Of all the steps you’ve yet to take
Of all you’ve yet to know.
So take her hand and breathe
And dance upon the Earth
For the promise of Hope and Joy
Life begins with Birth.”

– Joanne Morris

All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Pagan Poetry – The Underbush


Image – Jenny of Omnia

The gentle breath
Of a Moth’s wing
Winds of change
In everything
The world quiets
There is no rush
The thorns and posies
In underbush
The gateway opens
The fae elope
The trees sing songs
Of the mountain slope
The wolf eyed girl
Howls at Dark Moon
The river bends
The journey, soon.

  • Joey Morris – All my own work and design all rights reserved
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Calling the four quarters of Trees, the Sacred Grove


I call to thee
Spirits of the Northern realm
Where the deep roots dwell
Tendrils of Magick yearning
Fathomless and ancient
That hallowed crucible
From which life springs
And the everlasting Pine
Grows Strong
To You I harken well
And beckon thee
To allow me to stay steadfast
‘Neath your branches.


I call to thee
Spirits of the Eastern realm
Where Cherry blossoms play upon the wind
Wrapping branches to the strings
Of a fine tuned Shamisen
That ethereal dance
Echoing throughout the centuries
A reminder in celebratory colours
Of traditional remembrance.
To you I harken well
And beckon thee
To allow me to stay spirited
‘Neath your branches.


I call to thee
Spirits of the Southern realm
Where rolled Oak leaves shelter
Forming protective barriers
In Old World canopies
Rays of light illuminate
Inner chemistry
That spark which infuses fate
With an indomnitable will
To you I harken well
And beckon thee
To allow me to stay invigorated
‘Neath your branches.


I call to thee
Spirits of the Western realm
Where the branches kiss the river side
And the Willow weeps
The lady heals all wounds which ache
A song deep into the soul
A whisper in the twilight realms
Voices in the rain
A curtain between veils
To you I harken well
And beckon thee
To allow me to stay fluid
‘Neath your branches.


– Joanne Morris 2017

All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Pagan Poetry – Shaking of a Wolf Soul



They’ve tried to break me
Since I was a child
Told me to behave
Be quiet and mild
The truth is I’m broken
And proud to be so
For light pours through the lines
We’re daring to show
I readjust when I stumble
I cry and I scream
But I won’t let you tell me
That I can’t have my dream
So the world can keep
All of it’s fakes
I’ll run to my wildness
Even when my soul shakes
So come with me, jump with me
Into the gulf
Together we’ll run with
The souls of the wolf.

J.Morris All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Musing about the energies of Spring – Witchcraft Essay

Photography – Kimbeerphotography
★Themes and Musings★
So I wanted to present prompt images for Spring Equinox and found myself at an impasse. The usual flowers, eggs and cutesy kitsch seemed to mismatch the energy of this year, and it took me a moment to really find something that resonated, and then to consider why that was so.
The image above, the deer skull within the flowers, seemed to be symbolic of the balance that occurs in the Equinox, life within death and death within life. The two existing within the same space.
This year is clearly a year of Shadows, all being brought violently forth to the surface. The political and culture landscape churn with it; some examples being unpleasant reminders of the ugliness that humanity can create.
Spring is hopeful, and we must never lose sight of hope within a situation, a path, a journey. No matter how much ugliness we encounter, there is always beauty, there is always a lesson.
Boundaries become more important than ever. Separating ourselves from situations and people that belittle us, drag us down emotionally and mentally, and make us focus on things that lessen our spark.
I had already considered this year was echoing the Mexican proverb;
“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”
There had already been stirrings of the energy of the Nature Warrior and creating an energetic temple of a better tomorrow. That energy consideration can be heard in greater detail here:


Slowly the realisation emerged that the concepts of Shadow within Ogham I have been considering both in public and private spheres could not be separated from the rhythms of the Earth; they are bound.
We are of this Earth, connected to Her energies, her ebbs and flows. Some seek wisdom from the stars in Astrology, some keep their fingers to the pulse of Green Witchcraft, but the messages reflect one another.
As Above, So Below.
As Within, So Without.
The simplest explanations usually hold true. Those poetic verses that revisit our consciousness time and again. We can decorate it however we like, change the words, the definitions, but the underlying truth remains the same.
We are not the ugliness that those who hate us colour us to be, nor are we perfect beings that some might hope us to be. We are simply human, and all that entails.
Moreover, we are who we choose to be.
Many Blessings, Starlet
  – Joey Morris 2017 All my own work all rights reserved
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Druidic Plant Puffball – The Starry Oracle


★★★Oracle for Starlets ★★★

★The Druid Plant Oracle – Puffball★

Given meaning – Mystery, Inner connection

“Mushrooms are mysterious; they grow in darkness and feed on decaying matter… something peculiar is about to happen… Mushrooms are symbols ofthe Inner mysteries; they are connected beneath the ground in vast networks; they grow in darkness and perform the alchemy of turning dead matter into new life. Like the inner mysteries they have guardians that prevent access to the unworthy, but if approached with reverence they will show you their inner world.” – Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gromm

Synchronicity flows into place, things being odd, unusual and yet correct. Signs of confirmation are everywhere, when you know where to look, or listen, or feel.
It can be a song someone is singing, or the actions of someone ahead of you in the post office (as happened to me yesterday.)
When magick happens, it can seem odd, chaotic, even unusual when it makes a dramatic change; signifying that we need to work on our inner doubts; we have to align ourselves where we believe in the mysteries and magicks of the universe to the point of almost lunacy; witchcraft is believing something is done so stubbornly, so unyieldingly, that it becomes so.

The little patterns of weirdness are a reflection of the otherness that is present in nature, just beneath the surface. The deep rooted nature of magick;

“Oh Witches
You have the power
Burning through your veins
It’s so ancient it sings of time
So primal it howls
Feel the Earth beneath you
Not merely in the language of flowers
But the roots of all things…” – Joey Morris

As spiritual people we need to get to the roots; the root of why we feel, act, think… a certain way. The root of our own magical being; what makes us who we are, and the root of what can make us happier, healthier and better. With healthy roots, however shrouded in mystery, growth begins.

Mushrooms are unabashed in their uniqueness. Some poison, some cure, some fly you to unimaginable heights, some are delicious in ramen… there are as many mushrooms types as there are people, and they all celebrate their uniqueness, and remind you that you should too… there will never be another you.

“I myself, am strange and unusual.” – Lydia (Beetlejuice.)

This card reminds us that it is never too late to begin anew, to seek rebirth from the decayed tatters of an old life. We all have the opportunity to open the door, and walk through it.

Many blessings starlets,

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Pagan Poetry – Survival of a Crow Hearted Girl


Survival of a Crow Hearted Girl

Clawing at my back
down to the bone
to try and find my soot stained wings

Blood in the welts
Of where they lashed
Badges of honour from a battle long fought

Tearing my skin
To draw out my chain
Remembering that I could fly once

Screams in the night
Memories resurrect
Hearing the call to run until I ache

Until my feet crack
Until my knees fail
Until the ground swallows me whole

– Joey Morris 2016 All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Shadow Ogham Silver Birch – Sensing the Shadow


Sensing the Shadow

Silver Birch

The Silver Birch Priestess speaks to us, telling us that “I am the First word, the breath of life, the beginning. The door to every journey, inward, outward, and onward. I see your limitless potential, so reach out, and trust the process.”

– Joey Morris

With the mapping of unchartered territory there is always great risk, especially when it comes to the discussion of spiritual and magical matters.
The concept of the Shadow Ogham is not something I have read in a book or learned at a lecture, instead it is something I have sensed at the corner of my mind when energetically engaging with the Trees themselves.
Though perhaps not a mainstream spiritual concept, the idea of dark and unwelcoming aspects of trees that have emotions, spiritual presence and are intelligent life forms capable of aggressive motivations are well documented in historical record through mythology.
In Folklore, tales of dark enchanted forests are boundless and evolving and creep into modern consciousness through literature even as the old tales are retold for modern audiences;

Nordic references for Tolkien:

“Tolkien’s conception of Mirkwood is illustrative of his imaginative use of philological reconstruction for literary purposes. The name derives from poems in the Old Norse Poetic Edda, where the compound Myrkviðr is cognate with English “murk(y)” plus viðr “wood” referring to a mythical forest.”

-MichaelD.C. Drout “J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment.” Routledge 2007 p430

From Beowulf:

“Until in a trice / the mountain trees
He found o’erhanging / a hoary stone,
That joyless wood ; / the water stood under,
Drumling, blood-dreary.”

– Widsith, Beowulf, Finnsburgh, Waldere, Deor. Introduction by Viscount Northcliffe by S.Moncrieff, C.K, 1889-1930

To all life, there is a natural balance that can seen in the world, lessons can be learnt from all experiences, and there is real danger in ignoring the shadow element of personal psyche along our paths.

“Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Jung “The Philosophical Tree” (1945). In CW 13: Alchemical Studies. P.335

The combining of a belief in the spiritual and intellectual capacity of trees as life forms, whose lifespan far exceeds that of human beings and in that time sense and feel, and are intimately connected to the nerve energies of the ecosystems around them, with the psychological exploration of the natural complexities of a psyche that give rise to a shadow self, seems a natural process of rational spiritual discernment.


Put simply, Trees have lived too long, and felt too much, to not have developed shadow elements to their personalities, and although we cannot suggest that the psyche of a tree would be identical to that of a human being, it would seem unwise to dismiss the consciousness of another being on this planet simply because it is other.
The study of trees communicating has already been cited in this Shadow Ogham series, and communication between individual trees suggests something deeper; an awareness.

In the progression of my spiritual path, Silver Birch has always had a definite importance, for wherever I have lived, there have always been Silver Birch in the immediate vicinity; partly due perhaps to their striking appearance and visual prominence, they are often the first tree many of us recognise.

They also come first within modern Ogham interpretations;

“On a switch of birch was written the first Ogham inscription in Ireland, namely seven B’s, as a warning to Lug son of Ethliu, to wit, ‘Thy wife will be seven times carried away from you into fairyland or elsewhere, unless birch be her overseer.”

– Graves, The White Goddess 1948 p181

As previously discussed in Birch Beginnings the magick of the Silver Birch is often thought to deal with rebirth energies, cleansing out the old negativities and acting as a magical conduit to form gateways of spiritual and emotional pathways into new life patterns.

So from here, we are left with those murkier woods, discerning a path to the Shadow aspect of Silver Birch and what it has to teach us along our personal journeying.

The Shadow element of Silver Birch that I personally struggle the most with is fear of the unknown and letting go of the comfortable protected space I have created in order to initiate change.


The first line of this essay mirrors the task at hand and the underlying message of the Silver Birch; ” With the mapping of unchartered territory there is always great risk,” and the forests know just how far humans will go to resist change in many circumstances, and that resistance comes from a place of fear which is often cemented with deeply negative or hurtful experiences that have resulted from change in the past.

The human concept of nostalgia is a well documented phenomena that plays all sorts of unhelpful tricks on both the human mind in a personal space, and human culture in a societal space.
I have discussed on many occasions the detrimental process of venerating the past at the cost of modern experience, in Witchcraft circles this often manifests as the desire to exclaim that older is better and we shouldn’t be altering our paths from that of our ancestors.

On a personal spiritual level, it can be all too easy to find ourselves in a comfortable space where our basic needs are met but ultimately, we do not grow, because we are not pushing ourselves into new and unusual experiences that force us to adapt. Silver Birch could arguably be the symbolic tree for adaption due to the varying climates and lands it can be found in.

Firstly, we must sense this shadow that Silver Birch raises within our human psyche, and then we must acknowledge where that hinders our personal growth.
This is the first step in change, new beginnings, and growth… to adapt our fear response into excitement instead at opportunities.

More to come, Starlets.

Many blessings,

Joey Morris 2017

All my own work and design all rights reserved



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Shadow Ogham – Birch Beginnings


No matter how gloomy life can be
We can be the Crow in the Silver Birch tree
Remembering that we can laugh
And treat the rain like our bird bath
Beginnings can be truly tough
Leave you feeling down and rough
But remember you’re halfway to the sky
Just spread your wings and you will fly!” – Joanne Morris

All my own work all rights reserved

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Pagan Poetry – Freeing the Witch


Freeing the Witch

There’s something safer in the dreams
Where reality is not what it seems
Where the walls break and fly
and the madness isn’t shy
The part of me that remembers how to speak
In a heart murmur which is not weak
And the chains on me fall soundless to the ground
And I howl
The makeup smears across our faces
We resign all our given places
Why did you tell me who to be
As though you feared if I was free
And the words lay heavy on my heart
from the start
Its not as though I want the lock
Caged bird free is quite a shock
Just belonging for this lifetime might be fun
Be the one
And so I run
Into the wind

– Joey Morris 2017

All my own work and design all rights reserved

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