“The Witches.” – Original Pagan Poetry


Oh Witches
You have the power
Burning through your veins
It’s so ancient it sings of time
So primal it howls
Feel the Earth beneath you
Not merely in the language of flowers
But the roots of all things
Deeper in the dark soil
In the mouth of caves as you stare
Down the throat
Feel the Fire within you
Not just the warmth of hearth
But the raging inferno that destroys
And leaves creation in its wake
Feel the storm coming
The cracking whip of change incarnate
The rain beating in its rhythm
Soaking your bones in memory
You were not meant to be civilized
You were born to remember
Hold me in the winds of all that is coming
Until our souls shake at the vibration
Knowing that we can be unmade
Riding the dark mare into a new world
We are One
We are Ancient
We are Free.

-J.Morris 2015

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  1. Katie Kesterton says:

    Words of power ❤️

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