Pagan Poetry – Call of the Goddess Morrigan


Followed by the weed that binds
And moths of veiled white
Speak to me of ancient trees
And gifts of raven sight
Hold fast to the dirt trod Earth
As you learn to fly
Balance is key to all things
The rhyme and reason why
I have been lost for many years
Seeking the unknown
Counting blessings and the hurts
Of everything I’m shown
Morrigan is on the wind
The breath and scream of Crow
The storm it whips around my heart
Where weak men fear to go
She places blade into my hand
And on my arm a Shield
“Go my little wolf,” She cries
For we shall never yield…

– J.Morris 2015

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3 Responses to Pagan Poetry – Call of the Goddess Morrigan

  1. There have been a few goddesses that have called to me Ariadne, Athene some memories of the Tuatha de Dannan I ve been certain they are my tribe since I was a young girl.

  2. Smithycat says:

    Hello Joey,
    I am new here. I was just watching a post on YouTube regarding the goddess
    Morrigan. I am sure by now you have been recommended this book
    Or perhaps you have already read it but please read Marion Zimmer
    Bradley “the Mists of Avalon.” This is my favorite book, over a thousand
    Pages and I don’t know how many times I’ve read it. It is the Authurian
    Legend told through the woman and mainly Morgan le fey. MZB was
    A witch herself so it is very respectful. This made me more interested
    In the occult and Morgan. If you read it I hope you liked it. I enjoy your
    Videos and look forward to reading your blog.
    Peace and love,

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