Pagan Poetry – Dedication to Goddess Morrigan


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And so Mother
I find myself on bloodied knees
Singing of your reverence
Unafraid of the bruises that mar my skin
Unhampered by the thorns that pierce
Or the roots that bind
For they are fleeting distractions
For those of Corvid wings
The blue on my skin turns to spirals
Swarthing through flesh and bone
For amidst the sundering, somewhere
I will become whole
Though I am shattered glass
Broken, yet piercing,
I am stillness in your eyes
A reflection of You
My teeth bared to to the world
A snarl passes my lips
As I long for freedom
To run as intended
Unhampered by mortal ties
And so it is to you, Mother Morrigan
I bend on bloodied knee
Asking your benevolence and wrath
Fashion me into a braver soul
Break down my resistance
Teach me how to soar again
And howl back into the darkness.

– J.Morris 2015

All my own work All rights reserved

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3 Responses to Pagan Poetry – Dedication to Goddess Morrigan

  1. Davyd Ellaway says:

    Oh WOW, just WOW. Love the Morrigan poem

  2. Rupert says:

    This is a fantastic tribute. Thank you for sharing

  3. Shannon Thompson says:

    I love this. Exactly.

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