Fox Magick for the New Moon


Art by Andreas Preis

“Fox is a shapeshifter, a magician, a trickster, who knows the paths through the wood.
Fox knows which paths are safe to tread and which are not as he moves silently, stealthily and invisibly through the hedgerow, and is willing to teach us, if we have the wisdom to listen, to be still and present.
Fox can sense danger lurking in the light and the darkness, and she can teach us to be wary, knowing when to engage situations and when to avoid them; for keen eyesight and cunning intellect will serve us just as well as claws and teeth.
Fox is a shapeshifter and the magician of the hedgerow, possessing knowledge, wisdom and magick, he is in complete control of his power and can deepen our instincts and improve our psychic senses when we embrace his wisdom.
Fox knows the mysteries of the Hedgerow and can freely cross these boundaries, and She will guide us along our Hedge-lined paths, if we are swift and nimble of foot.”

– Joanne Morris All my own work all rights reserved

For Yule, I included two images of Fox magick which you can see here on my Yule Altar video:


Today we stand between two gateways that are inviting us to be initiated into beginnings; the New Moon in Capricorn and the first days of 2017. The energies of Beith (Silver Birch) complete the trinity and form a powerful energy of Birth.

The Fox is the perfect companion along this journey as he can guide us along the boundaries, hop over the hedge and learn deeper truths.

For more details on Fox magick:

Many blessings, Starlet!

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  1. Your altar cloth is gorgeous! Where did you find it, if you don’t mind my asking?

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