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Pagan poetry – Dirty Spiritual

Art by by katrina sesum My spiritual path is dirty It’s hands down in the mud Dancing til you’re breaking Aching in the blood Touch the Earths divinity Howl my little wolf, howl For you should never separate Sensuality and … Continue reading

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Starry Oracle – The Black Tulip

Oracle Card – The Black Tulip “Cards of Chaos.” No given meaning from author – Aya Rosen Synopsis of “The Black Tulip” by Alexandre Dumas Set at the height of the “tulipomania” that gripped Holland in 17th century, this is … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Finding your true Wolf Soul

Photograph: The Girl & The Wolf – Photographer Jessica Tremp Say you’re a wolf You’ve got to be joking First sign of blood You know you’d be choking There’s something deeper Than what’s in a name It’s about being broken … Continue reading

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Shadow Ogham

Shadow Ogham “This forest is old. Very old. Full of memories…and anger. The trees are speaking to each other.” – Legolas The Two Towers Working witchcraft with the magick of trees is, simply put, one of the most rewarding forms … Continue reading

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Charge of the Dark Goddess

She walks, Clad in Midnight, Feet bare, Amongst the Starlight, O Goddess, Of the mysteries, Barely mentioned, In the histories, Fate entwines Around our reality, To Survive Is her speciality Of Shadow Her warrior flame To rise Without hint of … Continue reading

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Full Moon Musings – January Wolf Moon 2017

January is one of those months; it has a stillness to it; often feeling stark, bleak, and unyielding both in nature and on an energetic level; it continues the theme of the bare bones of all things and whilst we … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Change of the Wolf heart

I bear my teeth and howl I let my soul dance bare The running wild wolf I am not your harbour I am the storm The crashing ocean wave I whisper honest truth Whilst others play their games The naked … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Grounding Chant

Sometimes There is too much earth In my bones That grinds me to dirt A heavy stone Buried in my chest That threatens to exhale All the lightness So back to Earth The wisdom lies In trees The roots go … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Faery

★ In the mist where secrets dwell Lies a story I shall tell What lurks beyond that Woodland Fell The tolling of the Faery bell… ★ – Joey Morris 2016 All my own work and design all rights reserved

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