Pagan Poetry – Finding your true Wolf Soul


Photograph: The Girl & The Wolf – Photographer Jessica Tremp

Say you’re a wolf
You’ve got to be joking
First sign of blood
You know you’d be choking
There’s something deeper
Than what’s in a name
It’s about being broken
And never the same
It’s given by Mother
A medal she pins
For living through trials
Where nobody wins
Say you’re a wolf
But you don’t howl at the sky
Or run through the forest
Without knowing why
It’s about baring your teeth
And baring your heart
Hearing the Wild
Right from the start
So don’t cry wolf
This fang tooth and claw
Unless you have known
A soul aching raw.

– Joey Morris 2016 All my own work all rights reserved

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One Response to Pagan Poetry – Finding your true Wolf Soul

  1. Rane says:

    Oh yes I know that raw. Like a physical pain in your gut that stops your life and won’t go away. It steals your life your happiness all plans that were once so important and stops you in your tracts. Be careful or it will take away all youve worked for; all the progress and hard work; you’ve accomplished so much. Like there’s anything you can do when you are in its grips. I love your soul care ideas of finding those little things that make you happy. Even a small tiny step back into the light is a step. An accomplishment. Miss Joey. Warrior child. You’re wisdom comes from a place beyond. My spirits and I await your next steps. Your next experience as you learn so much as you go along your path. So open to the spirits. Well done. We all learn from each other. The old from the young…oh yes. The knowledgeable from their extensive research, learn from those with years under that same tree.
    Many blessings. We are sisters in the path. And I share willingly with you. I send blessings and positive messages through my trees across the big waters to you.

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