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Pagan Poetry – When Badb came

Image – Nemesis by Hollllow And when Badb came for me I knew it was not yet my time But I had screamed for death And She had heard me And with an otherworldy scythe Cleaved me in two And … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Woodland Maiden

“In the Spring Kissed Woodland Dances bare a Maid Young and pure and lovely Strong and unafraid She speaks of Birth and Promise Of all the things that grow Of all the steps you’ve yet to take Of all you’ve … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – The Underbush

Image – Jenny of Omnia The gentle breath Of a Moth’s wing Winds of change In everything The world quiets There is no rush The thorns and posies In underbush The gateway opens The fae elope The trees sing songs … Continue reading

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Calling the four quarters of Trees, the Sacred Grove

I call to thee Spirits of the Northern realm Where the deep roots dwell Tendrils of Magick yearning Fathomless and ancient That hallowed crucible From which life springs And the everlasting Pine Grows Strong To You I harken well And … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Shaking of a Wolf Soul

  They’ve tried to break me Since I was a child Told me to behave Be quiet and mild The truth is I’m broken And proud to be so For light pours through the lines We’re daring to show I … Continue reading

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Musing about the energies of Spring – Witchcraft Essay

  Photography – Kimbeerphotography ★Themes and Musings★ So I wanted to present prompt images for Spring Equinox and found myself at an impasse. The usual flowers, eggs and cutesy kitsch seemed to mismatch the energy of this year, and it … Continue reading

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