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Full Moon Musings – January Wolf Moon 2017

January is one of those months; it has a stillness to it; often feeling stark, bleak, and unyielding both in nature and on an energetic level; it continues the theme of the bare bones of all things and whilst we … Continue reading

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Pagan Poetry – Grounding Chant

Sometimes There is too much earth In my bones That grinds me to dirt A heavy stone Buried in my chest That threatens to exhale All the lightness So back to Earth The wisdom lies In trees The roots go … Continue reading

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Fox Magick for the New Moon

Art by Andreas Preis “Fox is a shapeshifter, a magician, a trickster, who knows the paths through the wood. Fox knows which paths are safe to tread and which are not as he moves silently, stealthily and invisibly through the … Continue reading

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