Spiritual Birthing pains – The Girl in the Mirror


Image –Symbols by NataliaDrepina

I have never been one of those spiritual women.
The kind that present themselves at best as light, approachable, and over whelmingly positive, and at worst, kind of overly saturated sweetly cloying.
I have been annoyed by these women, jealous of these women, interested to see how they analyze the world, and I have pitied them in moments too.

I have wished to be sweeter, lighter, better liked. More appealing to people en masse but so completely unable to force myself to pretend to be something I am not. I know the value of wearing masks in spirituality and to pretend, to lie, with masks, is something I cannot accept.

I have seen alot of heartbreak in my little life.
It sounds a little depressing on the surface of it, but it is my truth, and as such, I have a very difficult time internalising the rationale of thought which expresses that if you just exude a little more sunshine then you will attract more positivity and everything will work out.
I have upbeat moments. Moments of laughter, and silliness, all enjoyable enough, but I found myself tucked in the folds of the Goddess Morrigan for a reason; because more than once I found myself in undesirable circumstances that left puncture wounds all over my heart.

I am one of those spiritual women.

The ones that have endured, remained rooted to principle and belief as the onslaught began, and the waves filled my lungs and I thought I would drown.
I have resisted.
It lends itself to a sort of rawness, a presentation of self and spirituality which does not believe in easy answers to the grand questions.
Who knows what it is to truly face ruin and heartbreak alone, knowing, as I do, that if I disappeared from the social interactions the internet provides, I could disappear, and that would be the end of the story.

Isolation and silence make for uncomfortable bedfellows.
They are alot like medicine, capable of healing or causing harm.

“Poison is in everything and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” – Paracelsus


Aleksandra Milnkovic – Art

Certain pauses full of silence and isolation allow you to hear stirrings of the Universe itself; you feel connected to the tapestry of energy that weaves within and without, connecting us to every livung essence in this world.
Other moments allow you to hear your heart dropping and cracking against a bleak concrete floor; that very concrete floor you have resisted, pushed away from, and refused to be part of.

I sometimes find myself caught between the trap of the world that exists currently and the deeper spiritual world I know exists beneath it, and stirs like a fiery seed waiting to be birthed; wanting to do more, be more, to be better in a world which seemingly has venomous fangs and will strike down those seeking to push back against its broken shell.

There are times when I realise that finding the sterile environment this world presents as  normal as personally horrifying… means that I struggle to operate within it… clawing for success in an arena that means something deeper… spiritually, emotionally, and from a heart level.

Then, even as I typed those words, the doorbell rings and an unexpected gift is handed to me, a portable art altar for the Goddess Morrigan that someone has sent by Her instruction:


The portable altar reads “Mother of this cold Earth, truth and courage, you are powerful in your essence, bring out our inner magic, our deepest truths, so that new life can grow.”
I burst into tears as the gift touches my soul, it is kind, thoughtful, and needed.

I have said before that “Often, in the face of pain, we reveal who we are,” (Goddess Morrigan and walking the painful path, link will be at the bottom,) and to that I hold and perhaps, for the purpose of this essay, amend; in the painful process of birth, we reveal who we are.
We talk about birth in the light half of the year as though it is simple, when it is not; it is bloody, painful, and alters everything… it is merely that we prefer to focus on the sweetness that can follow.

“The human superpower: forgetting. If you remembered how things felt, you’d have stopped having wars and stopped having babies.” – Doctor Who

So when I find myself in moments where uncertainty reigns and the path is uncertain, and I do not know where I will go, or who I am becoming, I remember.
It is birthing pains.

We stand on the precipice of a world which is clawing to silence, to tear out the throats of human evolution, and to keep the status quo of power in the hands of a few, the stories of those Other silent, to focus on the shallow broken shattered remnants of shell.
It is birthing pains.

When I feel as though the concrete is winning and ugliness is reigning and the world is out to sink its venom in my arms, I remember that I can take it and alchemize it into medicine, my medicine, my voice, transmuting this pain and heartbreak into a voice, a voice for all those who are told that they are not nice enough, not light enough, not likeable.
It is birthing pains.

I will be bloodied, and bruised, and even broken, and I will be born into who I am meant to be, who I am becoming. I will smile and laugh and consider myself fortunate, when I am, and when that is true.
And when the world is cruel and harsh and empty, I will scream and cry and flail.

We resist. We endure. We are born.

Many blessings, Starlets,


All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Pagan Poetry – Songs of my Forebears


Image –by Shi-Nya-Nya

The Songs
Were like Dust
In my Bones
Yearning to be released

Blood stained fingertips
Becoming fingerprints
Along the edges
Of the Cave wall

I bury my heart deep
Betwixt the hedgerow
A shadow of the Land
Beneath my feet

I stomp
Out the remedy and the rhythm
To songs long forgotten
That reside
On the tip of our tongues

These songs
Were like dust
Rising again from the bones

Rising on the winds
Of memory
And were tasted
Once again.

– Joanne Morris 2017
All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Stop planting yourself in concrete


Art by Pierre Alain

In yesterdays Live chat we mentioned a saying that I felt compelled to share with Cris yesterday (and I will link the full video down below.)

But I felt drawn to say it again. This is something that came to me personally with Spirit guiding the way and I felt it was important.

Stop planting yourself in concrete.

You have roots that need to spread out and grow, they need to be in fertile soil, enriched by the enviroment around them.

Stop planting yourself in concrete, just because you think you should.

Stop planting yourself in concrete because someone told you to.

Allow yourself to spread your roots in that fertile ground and your potential for growth is limitless.


Many blessings, Starlet,


All my own work and design all rights reserved


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A Witch between cages… the Cult of not belonging.


Image by Nocturny Deviantart

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”
– Isodora Duncan

Stepping into the labyrinth of Spiritual adventure is to open ones self to a myriad of experiences, the commitment to the notion and practice of seeking.
That search on a personal level came from a place of inner yearning; to know, to understand, to unravel the mysteries; to touch the primal livewire of something magickal and Other.
There was an innate knowing already, almost within my very bones, that I have come to feel is a spark passed down by my ancestors that fuels the fire of my inner fascination with the inferno of spirituality; that which burns from the inside as passionate desire to reshape ourselves, Phoenix-like from the ashes of who we used to be.

In a world that focuses unnecessarily and almost completely on the surface features, it can be an alienating feeling when one is fascinated by deeper thoughts, philosophical debates and the deconstructive mindset.
Whilst simple pleasure can be found in the mainstream, my soul ached endlessly for more. To dance around a bonfire howling at the stars instead of clubbing, to converse about the meaning of the universe rather than how much liquor had been drunk, to connect truly, utterly, and deeply.

To be understood, and loved, for the little weirdo that I was, and am.

Within the process of sharing spiritual dialogue the pitfalls of Toxic Spirituality and the resistance that comes with it is sadly predictable as a side effect of a human desire to control that which is other.
The practice of purposeful alienation exhibited by many in order to silence those who discuss and speak out around matters of spirituality is an invasive and ugly tumour within spiritual circles.
When a persons “right” to speak is met with ridicule and hostility, and the purpose of their thought (and feeling) process is derided in an attempt to undermine their worth.


Photo by Ade Santora on Flickr

Why share spiritual discussion?
Because I am not ashamed to; and in the sharing there is also seeking. A thought shared presents a little piece of who we are, perhaps recycling a little shadow in doing so – presenting it to the world as nothing more or less than the sum of personal experience and belief.

In doing so, perhaps we reach others in need of the message; because the disconnect from humanity is palpable in a world where what other people “deserve” is debated in all levels of social interaction, as though self appointed positions of power equate to the right to tyranny.

Sometimes, speaking from the heart and soul can bring other people home.

Home, is a concept of belonging that has plagued my personal growth at every turn, because every physical home has effectively been a cage; leverage of an economic kind by those who prey on my wound, and in truth, a part of my shadow that I am learning to heal and love.
A deeply empathic part of myself that yearns to connect with others, to love as deeply as I always have, which seemed to me to beyond what most people expressed. I chided myself for being overly sentimental and too attached to the idea of belonging; to be truly seen and loved and valued by someone who thought I was as magickal as stardust and just as cosmic.
I reminded myself that everyone wants a soul mate, and I wasn’t any different… nothing special.
That feeling gnawing in the back of my skull that I belonged by someones side as we strode out into the world, side by side, was nothing unique.
That the way certain stories and songs drew an energetic pain out of me that brought me truly and deeply to a well of emotion that seemed beyond myself was just a flair for the dramatic.
After all, my biological upbringing had instilled in me the ‘truth’ of how valuable I was… hadn’t it? And that was to say, I was utterly replaceable.

People always left.

And told me how difficult I was to love.


Image -livephotographytips.com

It has taken years to even begin unpicking this self-sabotage that was planted by others (and unwittingly nutured by my own self dislike.)
To give up on the quest to ‘plant myself into concrete’ where I did not belong, and gain approval from people who were never going to love me; to conquer that demon that echoed out from familiar patterns; hoping to heal the broken and show them that they weren’t alone, reaching out to the wounded and thinking they might understand…

Part of myself feels tired at the regurgitation of those seeking still to invalidate and make us feel inconsequential, who hop onto the bandwagon of damaging the esteem and self worth of those who already feel at odds with a social structure which feels fundamentally broken.

The other part will not let it lie. We seekers are putting ourselves on a line, to recover the knowledge that has been lost to the masses, to remember the dirt beneath our feet, the songs of our ancestors, and the magick in the inbetween. To look at the world in awe and wonder for all the majesty that is out there. To connect. To belong. To seek.

Then there are those moments of pure joy when you do manage to connect with people who are just your brand of weird. They celebrate who you are on every level without seeking to diminish your light. They are your fertile soil and not only encourage you to grow but are completely and utterly delighted in the process.


Image- sophisticated-simplicities.tumblr.com

I dream still of reaching out headlong into a world side by side with people who completely connect and understand, to seek to be and embody the change that this world is crying out for desperately. To stand against those cutting down the human need to connect, be appreciated, to be heard, and to be loved, even celebrated.

It’s a little closer today than ever before.

Many blessings, Starlets

All my own work and design all rights reserved

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Pagan Poetry – Forging of a Warrior

Image from Tumblr
A thousand waves descended
And yet I did not drown
Don’t ask me to lie
Don’t ever expect me to lie down
Warriors are forged
And fire is my craft
Once you know the secret
You can never go back
Once they tried to bury me
But the earth knows my name
And I don’t fit in here
I will never be the same
I am the howling white wolf
My mother is The Crow
And if you get a glimpse
Then you will never know
Don’t expect me to giggle
And flirt and flick my hair
I’m of the old world magick
With primal in my stare
They drink and dance on corners
I dance with my blade
I know the brilliant darkness
The shadow and the shade.
I am the howling white wolf
My mother is The Crow
And if you ever get a glimpse
Then deep inside you know.
– Joey Morris
All my own work and design all rights reserved
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Gaslighting Spiritual Pathwalking – A Toxic trend in Paganism


Image –  Natalia Drepina All her own property

How quick we are, as human beings, to ridicule, deride, and dismiss the personal experiences of others, whose visions, contemplations, and expressions are unlike our own.
Sadly in Spiritual realms, where the quest for understanding is meant to be a key to personal enlightenment, this trend continues to spread like a toxic spore amidst the ecosystem.
Following the discussion about Toxic Spirituality there has been a surge in accusational comments that centre around the premise of “making things up” to fit ones spiritual path, which feels to be akin to the psychological analysis of gaslighting in personal relationships;

“Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality.” – Stephanie Sarkis Ph.D. Psychology Today 

The idea behind crudely accusing someone of “making things up” to fit their spiritual path is to accuse them of firstly lying about their authenticity; the premise is to either make them themselves, or others, believe they are inauthentic in their discussions about spirituality. It is designed to attack the freedom of an individual to speak; hounding them into silence, the desired outcome being to destroy a persons belief system or their credibility in the eyes of others.

Regardless of analysis behind the why people feel the need to do this (I would again refer back to the idea that it must be projection of their own shadow) another concept seemed to emerge; that in the form of personal gnosis, all people involved in a Pagan pathwalking (and to some extent, in any spiritual journey) effectively ‘make up’ their spirituality.

That is NOT to say they are false or lying about their path; which is the key difference.

People who flock to Paganism often do so because they desire the freedom to shape their own life and spirituality, they dislike the control of organized religion and find it strangling their creativity and even their right to be who they are as an individual.
Many scriptures are unfortunately used to be exclusive; they condemn whomsoever they see fit for being different, some of the ugliest human discrimination is often excused with religious overtures.

So when people turn to Paganism (which too is derided by many involved in dogmatic religions) it is meant to be to reject those broken principles and instead shape their spiritual destiny; and yet somewhere along the line the human tendancy to exclude once again rears its head, as I have discussed before.

This accusation of “making things up” is an off-shoot of what I have termed the Real Witch Paradox;

There are a hundred ideas as to what constitutes a “real” Witch versus a “fake” one to which an assortment of negative labels are attached, and people duel to the (figurative) death over these concepts which usually they have invented themselves.

Or read somewhere. Or received from the Almighty Holy Turnip of definitions.

The problem with this idea is that it suggests that somewhere, out there in the abyss is a correct answer; which of course is ridiculous, there is not.
Witchcraft is a highly individualised path which is constantly flowing and evolving throughout time; it should not, and arguably cannot become stagnant, lest it die a death within the heart of the practitioner.
– Joey Morris ‘Are you for Real, Witch?’

To seek to gaslight another spiritual practitioner when we are all making up our spiritual path is an absurdity which needs to be nipped in the bud and then powdered with napalm.

Making up elements of our spiritual paths does not make it any less real, truthful, or valid.

For example, consider ones personal altar space.
An altar, to my understanding, is an outward representation of our personal relationship with our Deity or Deities. As such it is a hugely individual expression, of how we see our Gods, and indeed, ourselves.
At some point we all add elements to our personal altars that we felt “guided to” by our intuition, we happily decorate and adorn out of a sense of personal connection, liberation, and dedication.
Many of us peruse the internet to watch videos or find pictures of other peoples altars – we take an interest in the tangible manifestation of a persons spiritual path; occasionally resonating with an idea and wondering if we ourselves should incorporate that symbol, or colour, or statue into our own microcosmic interpretation of Deity.


Consider how we learn to create spellwork as practitioners of Witchcraft; many of us will analyze available reading or learning material (which, is something someone ‘made up’ and wrote down,) and then craft our own, or how we look at wording and the etymology of language and speech which has evolved through a human need to categorize the world around them; it was ‘made up’ by human beings, and has shifted and evolved throughout time, and culture.

Witchcraft even has the term ‘craft’ within it, which is to create.

Once again, it seems this accusational thread is the terminology of control that seeks to silence the personal individual experience of spirituality instead of to reach out and learn from one another.
The “Us versus Them” mentality is so heavy in the air right now in many walks of life, political, cultural, social, and indeed spiritual… that it becomes more important than ever to speak out against people deriding others for their feelings and experiences.

In meditation, one is transferred to an altered state of consciousness, where we see with eyes that are not our own, we seek to understand a small element of Divinity, knowing, ultimately, that it is one tiny ripple of light across a vast ocean of Spiritual depths that we cannot hope to fully traverse in one lifetime, if ever.
That though, is okay.

The mystery is what makes the journey exciting, to turn over rocks and see what grows there, to follow the roots of a thing deep into the Earth and wonder about the interconnectedness.
To feel a moment of pure spirituality which cannot fully be explained but leaves a swell of pure emotion in the chest that hints at the vastness of the cosmos and our small yet wondrous place within it.
And along that path we take charge our ourselves, our actions, our practices, and we shape them; we are the archetypial Magician who controls their magic, their will, their destiny, we put our hearts, hands, minds, and souls, to a task, to the seeking of whatever it is that sets our passions alight.
In that moment we simultaneously create a path and discover it; for we are paving a personal experience within the ecosystem of spirituality that has always, and will always, exist.



We “make up” pathways of understanding in order to comprehend as best we can, like neurons firing in the brain, we reach out and connect to threads of the universe which echoes all around us.

But just because it worked for us, doesn’t make it ‘right.’

“Because what’s right for us is simply right, right? Wrong, Witches.

This too is an act of making ourselves small; thinking only in terms of our own inner microcosmic existence, afraid to be different from those around us, to see the world through our personal lens whilst acknowledging that really, our experiences, thoughts and feelings only apply to one individual; us.”
– Joanne Morris Ditch being Small, Witch!

Some argue that the opinion of others does not matter, and when they are seeking to demean us, perhaps it does not.
But everyone has the right to be heard, and to have their right to speak respected. We can do that without bowing down or handing power over to anyone.

The excusing of those attacking other spiritual practioners is a trend from dogmatic religion that we don’t need, and should stand against.

Create yourself, Witches. Rock your weird. Do you.
And don’t let anyone tell you that’s not real.

Many blessings Starlets,



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Oracle for Starlets – Messages of Violets and Assertiveness


Own image

★★★ Oracle for Starlets ★★★

★Plant Ally Oracle★

★Assertiveness – Sweet Violet★

“You are a beautiful and sensitive soul. It is sometimes easier to retreat and hide.
Stand up for yourself and communicate clearly with confidence. You will notice life will be sweeter.” – Lisa Mcloughlin Art

“VIOLET Blue – Watchfulness; Faithfulness; I’ll Always Be True,” – Language of Flowers.

“The forward Violet thus did I chide…
Sweet thief, whence didst thou steal they sweet that smells,
If not from my love’s breath? The purple pride
Which on thy soft cheek for complexion dwells
In my love’s veins thou hast too grossly dyed”
The Sonnets, XCIX by William Shakespeare

Violet for me has always been a flower of love, famously paired with lavender in love potions, and it is known to be sacred to the love between two women.

In love spell workings it is peaceful, quiet and doesn’t need to be showy in order to affirm its presence; it quietly excudes not only vibrations of love and faithfulness but assurity; the Deva of this beautiful little flower is never in my experience, the shrinking violet from literature. Neither ashamed of itself nor pretentious, Violet is nevertheless an incredibly beautiful flower, in petal and scent.

Striking the balance between shrinking away when we are hurt in life, be it in love or otherwise and being too empathic to the point of being a doormat for others to walk all over is sometimes a delicate process of thought (and unfortunately, often experience.)
Sometimes we give too much of ourselves where it is not received with gratitude and love, and sometimes we shrink when we should proudly proclaim for ourselves.

The balance comes from finding what is true.
Truth of self is an important concept; one that is ever evolving and flowing, and it is ok to re-evaluate who we are, seek to change and be a better version of ourselves.
Sometimes we are the negative person and we have to stop beating ourselves up for that because it is natural – and not permanent.

It is an act of self love to realise when you are being unfair, to yourself as well to others, and seek to realign with a loving mentality instead. The watchfulness of Violet speaks to this self analysis and readjustment.
Even small steps towards changing your own behaviour will in turn become the journey to your higher self, your truth.

And honour the truth in your life; do not put up with those who seek to take away from you, lie to you, deceive you, or force you to retreat into your hiding place.

You deserve your place in the sunshine, and the rain.

Many blessings Starlets,


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Pagan Poetry – Song of the Morrigan


Can’t lie to the seer who dreams in Crow tongue
Can’t take back the future when it’s already done
Can’t shade the soul whose sound in their core
Can’t fool the Goddess She’s been here before.

-Joanne Morris all my own work and design, all rights reserved

Image from pinterest

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Masks in Spirituality: The Rabbit Mask


Imagesource – Tumblr

Masks in Spirituality: The Rabbit Mask

To both the wearer and the beholder mask-magic is a method of overcoming ‘ordinary’ perception and slipping through the ‘cracks between worlds’ into the profound realities of Elphame. The true essence of mask-magic has been ably summed up by Mercia [SIC] Eliade as ‘total transformation of the individual into something other.’ ― Nigel Jackson
The Call of the Horned Piper

Masks in Spirituality… Spirituality within masks… Tricky, Tricky, Tricksy…

Spirituality is a journey of personal discovery and theory, based on a belief that lives in the soul and is analyzed by both the heart and mind of the individual.

Nothing in the human comprehension of the universe is finite, there is no singular “truth” – as these ideas are all rationalisations of the human impulse to categorize and validate our powers of deducation.
“Truth” is an evolving process with many layers that are peeled back over time, understanding and the accepted rationale adapts over time, and even the most widely accepted theories upon which we base the (current) understanding of our existence are ultimately, theories.

Truth is a mask.

To cling to the concept of one spiritual truth is to seek to validate our existence, our way of life, our beliefs… to others; usually from a place of fear.
We wish to see ourselves as individual, separate from our fellow human beings and all other living creatures, indeed the planet itself on which we live and all possible layers to that ecosystem.

Image – El Ritual” —
Photographer: Michael Germosén – Blue Focuss Photography

To ignore the interconnected spiritual Ecosystem is a convenience that breeds apathy and allows us to live behind a mask; we are disconnected so we are not accountable. We can segregate and promote an “us versus them” mentality, we can harm other individuals, regardless of the shape of their lifeform (plant, animal, mineral…) without feeling the deep and unpleasant pangs of guilt that accompany responsibility.

“We are all connected.
We are not separate from nature, we are nature.
The universe and the individual are inseparable.
The flowers cannot survive without the bees, and the bees cannot survive without the flowers. So they are one organism. We are part of a tremendous brain which we cannot understand, because the part cannot comprehend the whole.”

– Alan Watts

Whilst theorising about the concept of masks within spirituality in regards to the role of Fear in our spiritual shadows, quickly it became apparent that the attempt to contain such a vast subject in one blog-shaped box was a foolish endeavour, for the notion of masks in spirituality is akin to an ancient tree, with countless branches and roots all stemming from that original trunk, and so for the purpose of clarity it seems wiser to focus on one element at a time in “true” human linear fashion.

And so the most personally pressing concept was that associated with Rabbit as the Fear Caller; how we as human beings take on the mask of the Rabbit, and manifest that of which we are most afraid within our own lives and spiritual spaces.

In the process of seeking to understand personal fear, the message that “…I will sit with my fear, I will wear it like a mask, I will understand it, in all its complexity, not to simplify it, not to reject it, but to better understand it…”

– Joanne Morris Working with the Dark Queen – an Archetype of alternative Sovereignty

The desire to prove ones self and ones spiritual journey as “real,” “valid,” and the focus on a microcosmic truth of self righteousness is the donning of another mask; the Rabbit mask.

Spirituality can be an adventure and to draw a paradox, it can literally be the journey down the rabbit hole; when the emphasis is of exploration, evaluation, and personal discovery, we can tap into a macrocosmic evaluation of existence.
That macrocosmic analysis of the universe is the acceptance that we do not and cannot possibly hope to have one over-arching all encompassing truth; we are small flecks of light in an endless universe, we flash in one brilliant moment of human determined ‘time’.

Put overly frankly, we don’t know shit.

All theory, all theorising, all conceptualisations are systemic from the interconnected spiritual ecosystem that unites all living beings on this planet. The wisdom in plants and trees is no less valid than that of human beings just because we articulate ourselves in a manner that we ourselves have deemed superior.


Art by Sina Domke

Great lessons can be gleaned from “slipping through the cracks” whilst wearing a mask, great magick can be felt in the soul from such experience, and this is also true of the Rabbit mask.
Fear does not have to be an enemy and indeed categorizing fear as a ‘negative’ concept is frankly to miss the point; it all has something to teach us, about ourselves, about the world around us.

All experience is valid.

As we don the Rabbit mask we have opportunities to see through the eyes of others to understand how they have developed fears and behaviours as a result, as well as to see the reflection of who we are in the mask; how we have allowed our fears to define who we are spiritually.
To know that we only reject others from a place of fear and personal wounds that have come about somewhere in our experience of this lifetime, that we declare others “wrong” (amidst uglier words and prejudices) because our focus is on the microcosm of individual expression and experience rather than on a macrocosmic analysis of spiritual pathwalking.

The ugliest and most unfortunate consequence of living behind a Rabbit mask is the tendancy to seek to silence that which is different in the same breath as seeking to validate ourselves as “other.”
We lay claim to titles; Teacher, Mother, Father, Priest, Priestess, Expert, Guru… as though these masks enrich us somehow, make us more accepted, validate our spiritual existence.

More masks, designed to gather acceptance or power.


Image – modernfashionblog.com

Human beings paradoxically seek to belong as they estrange others they have determined to not “deserve” belonging, seeking to silence those that challenge them to look headlong into the Rabbit mask and confront their fear.

As individuals, we must stop seeking to adhere to a comfortable social norm out of fear. If we see lives, indeed ecosystems of life in whatever form they take, being abused, polluted, and destroyed, then we must find our voice, speak out against these injustices, and promote understanding that prevents their recurrence.

As individuals it is our responsibility to understand that we do not belong everywhere, we will not gain the approval of everyone, universal praise in a system that promotes fragmentation is not possible, and individuality is still a strength, even when we accept our interconnectedness.
Further, there is no blame or shame necessary in this realisation.
We are all parts of a whole, no more or less valid than all the other parts, but still, our function is important, unique, and valid.

We all have the rabbit within us, we have all worn this mask, but we can begin a process of metamorphosis using the rabbit energy as a seed to be cracked through, and for new growth to begin from.

Sometimes seeking to please others is as though you had planted your roots in concrete instead of fertile ground.
When in fertile ground you find the spiritual nutrients that aid your personal growth; you grow, your roots spread and become grounded even as your branches reach up into the sky, breathing in new life and experience.
In concrete you find yourself becoming smaller, dying off on a soul level as your roots are refused access to the grander ecosystem, you are confronted with immovable barriers, blockages and refusals to see your roots as beneficial.

There is no truth, and there is every truth, and somewhere between the cracks of paradox, a measure… a glimpse… of personal understanding takes root, but it does not have to define us.

We too can evolve.

Many blessings, Starlet

Joey Morris

All my own work and design all rights reserved


Image from pinterest

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Pagan Poetry – Witch in the Mist


Pagan Poetry – Witch in the Mist

There’s a witch,
In this mist,
Lighter than air
Brow rain kissed.
Wolf eyes,
Through the haze,
Echoes of the mind
are your only maze.
Can you see?
Beyond the screen,
To all that ever was
And all that’s ever been.

– Joanne Morris 2017

All my own work and design all rights reserved

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